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Standard Robot Command Interface to PLCs



This document describes the specification of all required features required for developing a unified standard robot interface (RI) between robot controller (RC) and a Programable Logic Controller (PLC).

The RI will allow the PLC to send motion and other commands to the RC and check the status  of the robot.

This specification defines the communication mechanism between the RC and PLC and standardizes definitions and robot commands among different manufacturers.

The target of the RI will be the basis to create a mechanism for controlling a robot directly from the PLC without requiring additional programming at the RC side, e.g. using the original robot’s HMI pendant.




Version: V1.2
Order No.: 3.252
Language: English


New Draft for review:


Version: 1.3
Order No.: 3.252
Language: English

This draft is published for testing and review only. It must not be used for development purposes.

Comments to be submitted to  until February 28, 2023.

The changelog file lists the changes to the previous version 1.2.

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07/09/2022 Profile-Robot-Command-Interface_3252_V12_Jul22.pdf pdf 12 MB
01/12/2022 Profile-Robot-Command-Interface_3252_d13_Nov22.pdf pdf 12 MB
01/12/2022 SRCI_Changelog_V1.3.pdf pdf 114 KB

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