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Sarissa LPS Industrial 30 PROFINET

Product name:
Sarissa LPS Industrial 30 PROFINET

Assistance system for determining the position of worker's hands and hand-held tools

Product types:
other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Sarissa GmbH

Ettishofer Straße 8
88250 Weingarten

Dipl. Ing. Volker Jauch
Tel +49 751 509159 00

Product description:

Sarissa GmbH develops and distributes assistance systems for quality assurance of manual work processes by identifying, locating, and determining the position of workers' hands and hand-held tools. The highly developed Sarissa quality assurance system offers ideal, efficient support for very complex tasks by determining the position of objects in 3D space. The Sarissa system has been applied with great success in the areas of production, picking, and assembly; it ensures consistent quality assurance throughout the complete manufacturing process. It can be used as a powerful, flexible assistance system or as a pure 3D coordinate supplier for automation technology. Typical applications have ranged from automobile makers and their suppliers, general industry, to the aerospace industry.



  • 2 PROFINET-compliant Ethernet interfaces
  • PROFINET CC-B v2.33 certification
  • GSDML file provided
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