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BSC 300

Product name:
BSC 300

Product types:
other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:


13, chemin de Malacher
38240 MEYLAN

Isabelle Chalier
Tel +33 (0) 4 76 41 61 24

Product description:

The BSC 300 module drives a Rotary bell atomizer : PPH 707, PPH 308, NANOBELL, ACCUBELL 709 EVO.

This compact BSC 300 makes it easy to integrate close to the rotary bell atomizer. Then Speed control is faster than ever.

BSC 300 manages bell cup detection and air supply issue, thanks to its integrated air pressure sensors.

Connectivity is a "must have" for smart process control. As SAMES KREMLIN atomizers may suit to any kind of robots, anywhere in the world, BSC 300 is able to communicate to any kind of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

An mini-USB plug allows advanced settings for performance tuning

Easy monitoring options : standard analog wired, optionnal visually monitoring with a remote screen, optionnal monitoring with a network board.

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