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PROFINET Specification

PROFINET , Security


Overview and guidance for PROFINET specifications
IEC 61158-1

This document provides the overview and guidance how the IEC 61158 series is structured
and how it is related to the profile documents in the IEC 61784 series.

Version: 2.3
Order No.: 2.702
Language: English

Application layer services for decentralized periphery
IEC 61158-5-10

The application service is provided by the application protocol making use of the services available from the data-link or other immediately lower layer. This document defines the application service characteristics that fieldbus applications and/or system management may exploit.

Version: 2.4MU5
Order No.: 2.712
Language: English


Application layer protocol for decentralized periphery
IEC 61158-6-10

The application protocol provides the application service by making use of the services available from the data-link or other immediately lower layer. The primary aim of this document is to provide a set of rules for communication expressed in terms of the procedures to be carried out by peer application entities (AEs) at the time of communication.

Version: 2.4MU5
Order No.: 2.722
Language: English


Profiles for decentralized periphery
IEC 61784–2

This part of IEC 61784 provides additional Communication Profiles (CP) to the existing Communication Profile Families (CPF) of IEC 61784–1. These communication profiles are called Real-Time Ethernet communication profiles.

Version: 2.4MU5
Order No.: 2.742
Language: English



V2.4MU3 mainly focuses on three topics
1. Complete security integration (aligned to IEC/IEEE 60802)
2. IEC/IEEE 60802 conformant end station, bridge, and bridged end station model
3. Enhancements for APL support – avoiding congestion loss

The device model derived from IEEE 802.1Q and a more stringent decoupling of PROFINET
middleware and network interface lead to structural changes in the documents.
➔ This process will be completed in the MU4 with the IEC/IEEE 60802 integration
Complete security integration in Profile, Service and Protocol for all conformance classes.
➔ This process will be completed in the MU4 with the IEC/IEEE 60802 integration
Mixed link speeds are identified as a major threat for creating congestion loss.
➔ Congestion loss prevention completed


Main topics for V2.4MU4:

Add application classes Drive and Encoder.

Add Downshift delay and Expected PHY latency variation.

Allow full range for StreamDA destination MAC address.

Adjustment of the DCP filter chaining function.

Adaptation the definition of the required bridge resources to the link-speed and the mandatory buffer time.

Allow the use of link-local IP address according to RFC 3927.

Update the LLDP EXT MIB for MRP interconnection.

Clarification of MRP interconnect encoding.

The IP parameter of the DCP ASE value distinguish between operational and administrative.


New optional record SNMPReal.

VCI extension for IDevID credentials; used for automated credential commissioning.

Simplify addressing of credential used in record services.


 Main topics for V2.4MU5:

Update meaning of the coding of the CycleCounter field for update intervals > 32 ms allowing a more reliable detection of timeliness of data.

Add convention for how to implement adjustable MAUType wit link speed > 100 Mbit/s.

Clarification for PRUNING features according to IO controller, IO devices and bridges.


Enable RT_CLASS_3 for secure communication.

Introduce new symmetric key update,  adapt AR startup accordingly .

Add security eventing with predefined auditable events for PROFINET and SYSLOG style.

Refinement of related security state machines.

Define ResetToFactory behavior to reset security configuration. 


PROFINET V2.4MU3 is specified in IEC 61158-6-10:2023, IEC 61158-5-10:2023 and IEC 61784-2-3:2023.
These documents can be purchased from the IEC website by using the following link:

The vendors who provide products with Media Redundancy functionality are authorized to make electronic copies of the attached (ASCII readable)
LLDP-EXT-IEC61158-TYPE10-MIB file (contained in the 7z file) as well as to publish them on their websites.

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21/06/2023 LLDP-EXT-IEC61158-TYPE10-MIB-20230331.mib mib 75 KB
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18/04/2024 PN-AL-Protocol_2722_V24MU5_Mar24.pdf pdf 11 MB
18/04/2024 PN-Profiles_2742_V24MU5_Mar24.pdf pdf 2 MB

PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.

PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology..

IO-LINK is an independent sensor / actuator interface solution for use with PROFIBUS and PROFINET.