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Temposonics® E-Series Position Sensors

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Temposonics® E-Series Position Sensors

EP / EL IO-Link

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MTS Sensors

3001 Sheldon Drive
27513 Cary, NC
United States

Louis Jordan
Tel 919 677-2324

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The absolute, linear position sensors provided by MTS Sensors rely on the company’s proprietary Temposonics® magnetostrictive technology, which can determine position with a high level of precision and robustness. Each Temposonics® position sensor consists of a ferromagnetic waveguide, a position magnet, a strain pulse converter and supporting electronics. The magnet, connected to the object in motion in the application, generates a magnetic field at its location on the waveguide. A short current pulse is applied to the waveguide. This creates a momentary radial magnetic field and torsional strain on the waveguide. The momentary interaction of the magnetic fields releases a torsional strain pulse that propagates the length of the waveguide. When the ultrasonic wave reaches the end of the waveguide it is converted into an electrical signal. Since the speed of the ultrasonic wave in the waveguide is precisely known, the time required to receive the return signal can be converted into a linear position measurement with both high accuracy and repeatability.



Robust, non-contact and wear free, the Temposonics® linear position sensor provide high durability and precise position measurement feedback in harsh industrial environments. Measurement accuracy is tightly controlled by the quality of the waveguide manufactured exclusively by MTS Sensors. The compact Temposonics® EP as well as the ultra low Temposonics® EL are profile sensors suitable for standard applications and in particularly for applications with limited installation space. The evaluation electronics is accomodated in an aluminum sensor housing. Typical fields of applications are plastics industry, metal forming and woodworking as well as factory automation. Temposonics® EP / EL with IO-Link allows customers to adjust parameters including measuring direction, resolution or offset. In addition, a switching state can be outputted in parallel to the transfer of the position value. The switching points as well as the switching logic can be parameterized. IO-Link is an open standard according to IEC 61131-9. It is a serial, bi-directional point-to-point connection for signal transmission and energy supply. The bi-directional communication enables consistent communication between sensors and the controller as well as consistent diagnostic information down to the sensor level.

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