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The PROFINET IO Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET IO interfaces for field devices and controllers. It can be used as a means for preparation of the mandatory certification for PROFINET devices.

This bundle contains
RT-Tester (ART),
IRT-Tester (SPIRTA),
Security Level 1 Tester,
Test Specification PN IO devices,
PN Specification,
all PN relevant Guidelines,
Test cases for all RT-/IRT-/Security Level 1- tests,
GSDML specification and

The goal of this test system is to have all the necessary documents and test systems for RT and IRT and Security Level 1 (NetLoad) combined in one bundle with all the electronic test cases to be performed during a certification test.


New version 2018-05-02:
Most documents have been updated,

new MIB definitions and PCS7 engineering example for SysRed added.





interface of Synaccess NP-05B remote power strip,

GSDML-upgrade-tool and

GSD-Checker have been updated.




New version 2018-09-25:

This new version is a bugfix replacing the former 2018-05-02. The test content is still according to V2.35.0 but the engine is V2.35.2 to fix a bug. If you run the tester in the default settings, the V2.35.0 test is executed. Relevant for certification test is only the V2.35.0 test result.



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